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Love Kitchen

Fighting Hunger While Feeding The Body AND Soul Since 1986.

Thousands of people come through the doors of the Love Kitchen every month for a yummy, nutritious meal that will see them through the day.

Many guests are homeless, and the time they spend here gives them a respite from life on the street, a place to relax, where they feel safe and comfortable and are part of a community.

Some guests are in a transitional situation and spend time with our volunteers and engaging in sharing their story. Others come on their lunch break, eating quickly, so they can get back to work. Then there is those that have recently lost a loved one and may just need that companionship of others to keep them from feeling alone.

Thousands of people means thousands of different needs and different situations. There is one thing that each of our guests have in common with one another. They come through our doors hungry and are thankful with the meals we provide.

Hunger in Arizona

Many are surprised by the cross section of people they see coming for a meal. Women, men, children, all ages and ethnicities. Hunger does not discriminate and sadly, coping with hunger every day is a reality for many.

The Love Kitchen is the only soup kitchen in the White Mountain area at this time and serving 100's each week.

1 in 4 Children is food insecure in their homes– the summer months are the busiest in the soup kitchen when schools are out and more children and families join the soup kitchen line.

1 in 5 Adults is food insecure and it is estimated that many of those are veterans.

1 in 7 Seniors is food insecure while also struggling with homelessness. 10% of those seniors are over the age of 65.

 You don't have to be homeless to be hungry. For many low-income families, difficult choices have to be made: the choice to buy food or pay rent, to buy food or to buy a winter coat for a child. For many soup kitchen guests, being able to come here for a meal allows them and their families to remain in their homes. A choice none of us wants to make.

Why us?

We have a heart to serve our community and understanding that everyone has a story. Everyone at the Love Kitchen is here to listen and extend a hand of compassion and love.